Katie Kauffman

The Twin Falls Education Foundation is a godsend to the teachers and students of the Twin Falls School District. I have watched first-hand the impact that the foundation has had with funding the upgrades of technology within schools through smart boards, projectors, computers and many more projects. The mini-grant program has allowed individual teachers to dream big within their classrooms and implement new exciting learning opportunities for our students.

As both an educator and parent in the Twin Falls School district I feel blessed to know that there is such amazing support to the academic progress of my children and those that educate them. Programs such as the Cow P.I.E challenge, Jazz on the Canyon, Idaho Gives and the Red Apple gala serve to keep education on the forefront of our community and help to shine a light on the great things that are happening within the Twin Falls School District.

I was honored to be chosen as the 2019 Teacher of the year by such an esteemed organization and look forward to the continued support I will be provided throughout my career. Thank you, Twin Falls School District Education Foundation for making educators feel valued in their profession and encouraging innovation.