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Success Stories

Dr Dickinson

Holly Dickinson

The TFED Foundation is such a blessing to the teachers and students of Twin Falls! There are two ways in which my life has been touched by the Foundation. One is with the Mini Grant program and the other is by their Teacher of the Month program.

Last year major changes happened in the Twin Falls School District with the opening of two new elementary schools. As one of the teachers who had the opportunity of moving into a new building, I quickly realized that while we had a beautiful new building that it would take time to acquire many items that have been accumulated over the years at other buildings. So I applied for and received a mini grant for Boogie Board E-writers to use with my kindergarteners. My students have enjoyed using them this year to practice a wide variety of writing and math skills.

The TFED Foundation also recognizes outstanding educators with their Teacher of the Month and Teacher of the Year program. As a recipient of one of the Teacher of the Month awards this past school year, I will say that simply being recognized for the work I am doing both in and out of the classroom put a smile on my face. Their Gala at the end of the year to recognize all of the nominees is such a special event. It was such fun to dress up and be recognized at such a fancy event. I felt just like a movie star.

So I say thank you to the TFED Foundation Board Members, volunteers, and donors for all their work with the foundation. The students and teachers of the TFSD are truly blessed!

Kerrianne Burch

Kerrianne Burch

As both a teacher and parent in the Twin Falls School District, I have the fortunate opportunity of being surrounded by amazing people daily. This includes students, fellow teachers, administrators, community leaders and parents. One of the most admirable of these groups is the combination of some of them, making up the Twin Falls Education Foundation. This group assembles themselves together often; coordinating events, raising funds, creating opportunities for growth of all kinds, doing it all in the name of benefiting students and teachers in the Twin Falls School District. Their dedication and drive to change the lives of Twin Falls students is unmatched. Never before have I seen a group of people more actively changing and bettering lives than this group. They are in the schools, they are at the events, they are in the details, taking input, getting ideas, trying new things, and making a difference.

I have been witness to many of these efforts and have myself been the recipient of said efforts. I have received three mini grants from the foundation in my 6 years teaching in the district. These grants have provided classroom enrichment by way of iPads, LCD writing tablets and other technology to a combined total of over 250 students in Kindergarten and first grade. The use of these devices and products in my classroom has drastically changed the way we learn. It has increased student engagement and created a learning environment that fosters independence, creative thinking and collaboration with other students. It has been amazing to watch, and been made even more special knowing that was made possible by the Education Foundation.

Fellow teachers in multiple buildings where I have worked have also benefited from the workings of this group. Their classrooms and schools as a whole have been changed for the better because of funding provided by the foundation. It seems that everywhere I turn, I can point out a grateful recipient benefitting in one way or another from a mini-grant, sponsored event, or other opportunity funded in part by the TFSDEF. This is because their presence can be felt throughout the entire district. They are mindful of needs district-wide and attempt in every way to accommodate all who show interest, want what is best for their students, and are willing to ask.

For some time now, I have wished I could thank them more vocally, so am grateful to have that chance here, in writing. They are an exemplary lot. They stop at LITERALLY nothing when it comes to teachers, students, and the magic that can only happen when both are given adequate, relevant, accessible tools to succeed. It is a magnificent sight to see, and I am ever-grateful for my constant view of it... daily.

Thank you.


Leah Holloway

Dear Friends of the Twin Falls Education Foundation,

The 2017 Red Apple Gala was a blockbuster event for all in attendance, and especially for me. Getting to fellowship with dynamic members of the community, watch incredible TFSD talent, and honor the members of the Foundation and Partners in Education, was heart-warming and encouraging. The experience opened my eyes to just how many people are working behind the scenes on students’ behalf. We truly live and serve with the best people, in the best community in the world.

The next Red Apple Gala will be on April 5th, 2018—when the next “Teacher of the Year” will be announced. If you, as an employee of our District or member of the community, witness lessons that empower students with 21st Century skills, such as creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, please take a moment to nominate the All-Star teacher as “Teacher of the Month.” We have many hard-working, effective teachers who go above and beyond for our students—let’s lift them up!

As Hellen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” On behalf of all of us working together, thank you, Twin Falls Education Foundation. Your work to support and honor teachers is vital and appreciated.

Leah Holloway
2016-2017 TFSD Teacher of the Year
Canyon Ridge Health and Physical Educator

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