• The Mission of the Twin Falls Education Foundation...

    is to function as an independent entity and work in partnership with the Twin Falls School District to Support and Promote Excellence in Education in the areas of: Academics, Technology, & Student Activities. Because of our non-profit status, the Foundation has been able to receive and award gifts since its inception.

  • The Class of 1975 has been working diligently to Save the Bruin Bear which was discovered in poor condition in a storage area at TFHS. The class remembers the bear being on display back in the 70 s and has been fundraising to complete the renovations, and put it back

About the Foundation

The TFSD Education Foundation has been in existence since July 31, 1991, with the goal of enhancing and improving the quality of education within the Twin Falls School District. Our board consists of a variety of community members who are passionate about the educational opportunities for all students within the Twin Falls School District.

All Donations Make a Difference

All donations, large and small, make a difference. With over 9.200 students in the Twin Falls School District, over 25 different languages spoken and over 55 programs offered at the high school level, every donation truly makes a difference. We, at the Foundation, are committed to supporting and enhancing the educational experience in the Twin Falls School District. As a German Theologian once claimed, “The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world it leaves to its children.” We are excited to be doing our part.

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